RICHES JEWERLY brings an inspiring and meaningful story. Founded in 2019 by Isabela Santos, a Brazilian immigrant, the brand was born from the dream of bringing the beauty of fine 18k gold jewelry and precious gems to the American market.

Isabela's journey is marked by her passion for jewelry and design, leading her to create a brand with cultural heritage and creativity, which are reflected in the exclusive, high-quality pieces offered by Riches Jewelry. Her vision for the company includes the pursuit of excellence, innovation and design that combines elegance and originality.

The Riches Jewelry brand stands out in the jewelry market for its distinctive approach to creating pieces that reflect the founder's personality and unique aesthetic. The combination of tradition, quality and creativity sets the brand apart, attracting customers looking for jewelry that tells a story and conveys a special meaning.

With focus, dedication and passion for what she does, Isabela and her Riches Jewelry team plan to always delight their customers with authentic and sophisticated pieces, made with love and care.