Fine Jewelry Guarantee


We will explain about jewelry guarantees.

Like all jewelry accessories, Fines Jewelry are also susceptible to damage. This is an unfortunate fact, but it is usually easily avoidable. 

But what can you do about the random break, damage, or defect with a piece of jewelry? Many customers want to know if jewelry comes with a guarantee. How will their item be covered in case the unspeakable happens?

Our commitment is to offer jewelry with a high standard of quality. All RICHES JELWELRY , products, purchased on our website and physical stores, were produced with attention to detail and strict quality control and come with a Guarantee Certificate. The Legal Guarantee, provided for, is 90 (ninety) days from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects and defects in the purchased product.

However, in order to preserve your jewelry and make it even more special, our Guarantee  Certificate covers the following services:

Guarantee Coverage 

RICHES JEWELRY guarantees the repair or replacement of the jewelry free of charge for 90 ninety days due to manufacturing faults, in accordance with the conditions set out in this Guarantee Term.

Within this period of 90 ninety days, if repair is impossible, your jewelry will be replaced with the same or similar one, of the same value, at no additional cost. The guarantee will lose its validity in the case of defects caused by improper use of the jewelry, accidents of any nature, if repaired outside RICHES JEWELRY, and due to damage caused by the use of chemical products

Special care - Diamonds

All RICHES JEWELRY diamonds are genuine. They undergo rigorous quality criteria and evaluation by our specialized team.

Diamonds can break if they are subjected to some risky situations. Avoid wearing diamond jewelry when performing heavy work, household chores or playing sports.

Diamonds attract grease and repel water. Therefore, avoid directly touching your diamonds with your hands, to avoid accelerating the fat accumulation process. Dirt compromises the gem's shine. Therefore, to maintain their beauty, it is very important to keep diamonds clean.

The ideal is to take your diamond jewelry at least once a year to one of our stores for specialized cleaning and to check its condition.

Special care - Pearls

Pearls last a long time, but they are sensitive and require attention and care, especially when storing them.

Pearls are fragile. Scratches and cracks may appear if the jewelry is not stored correctly, individually and in places with a soft interior. Keep your pearl jewelry away from any chemicals. After use, gently wipe with a clean, very soft cloth to remove sweat. This care should be taken especially with necklaces and bracelets that come into direct contact with the skin.

Also, don't forget to remove your pearls before exercising or doing heavy work. It is recommended to change the thread that connects the gems in necklaces and bracelets every year.

Special Care - Special Color Gems/Stones

Colored gemstones also require special care to maintain their beauty. Before and after use, always clean the gemstone with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Avoid washing your hands with rings, especially when using soap. The chemical substances contained in the soap can adhere to the internal parts of the stone rings, dulling the shine of the gems. Store jewelry separately, avoiding friction between them.

General Recommendations

  • Store your jewelry individually, avoiding friction and scratches between them.
  • Jewelry should be stored in dry places, at room temperature, as with humidity and heat, the jewelry can undergo an oxidation process.
  • Clean your jewelry after use with a dry, soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat.
  • Do not wear jewelry when handling chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, dyes, avoiding color changes to the metal and stones.